“Raw Cotton” Canopy OUTLET

  • €57.85

Our Outlet is filled with items with small fabric defects or spots or in other size, and a few imperfectly shaped prototype items. We offer them with a 35% discount. In most cases, these are defects that are hard to see. In each case, we attach a photo of the product defect. 

The correct color is in the first photo. In a photo with a defect the color may differ from the real one.

Defect: whole.

Comfortable, casual, laid-back. Exhausting expeditions and missions cannot last forever. Quieter play and relaxation requires a small cosy nook. Storytelling, too, needs focus and peace. Use it as an interior decoration, a canopy roof, portable or permanent – the canopy works in many situations, also for hanging garlands or toys, or even as a mosquito net on your terrace!

Boho is an artistic bohemian style guided by comfort, summer and freedom. You’ll find some ethnic references here and there, a number of flowers where possible, and naturalness – a nod to Mother Nature.

Match the canopy with cushions, mats and garlands!

Simple and natural in its form, this canopy is made of raw cotton fabric. With its convenient straps, it is easy to take off and wash. There are also cotton straps inside the canopy for you to hang an extra ornament or light.

Cotton fabric, metal rim.

Fabric: 100% cotton OEKO-TEX® certified.
Washing temperature: up to 30°C.
Rim diameter: 50 cm.
Canopy length: 240 cm plus straps.