"Smells like nature" Linen Garland with Half Moons

  • €35.99

Let naturalness and freedom into any palace and any chamber! Garlands highlight the magnificence of the little prince or princess and the little knight or fairy. The same goes for tents in the garden! :-)

Garlands are an ornament to any interior. You can use them to be part of the set design for a puppet show, a birthday party or a carnival ball. They can turn a child’s room into a magic kingdom, rock a play date, create a fairy-tale atmosphere for reading a book at bedtime.

Garlands are a wonderful addition to a canopy, a teepee, a crib, wall decoration, or a window.


 Our “Smells like nature” garland was made from cotton and linen fabric which pattern was designed in collaboration with illustrator Aleksandra Morawiak, from collection The Roots of Luks by Looks. The Roots is a composition of precious flowers: ethereal, endangered, melliferous and healing works of art. It shows pure beauty flowing straight from our roots, which wants to be reborn.

The "Smells like nature" pattern is inspired by the aromas of essential plants, adding beauty to even the darkest mornings. The design presents honeysuckle, considered to be the most beautifully fragrant flower, lily, jasmine, thyme and sage. These plants are perfect for various fragrance compositions.

The cooperation of Moi Mili and Looks by Luks is an unusual combination of two worlds that have a common denominator in beauty, nature and aesthetics. Moi Mili products are characterized by the highest durability and quality of workmanship. There you will find everything you need to decorate your baby's room.

Looks by Luks is a brand created for consumers who care about uniqueness of products, made in the spirit of sustainable fashion.
Its offer includes a wide selection of headgears, kimonos - for women and men, and rompers for the youngest. Both companies create their products in Poland, from the best quality materials.

Combine our garlands with canopies and cushions!

The garland is carefully made of cotton and linen pennants in the shape of half-moons, sewn to a tape.

Garland length: 2.5 m.
Fabric: 100% linen and 100% cotton, both OEKO-TEX® certified.