DON’T BUY POOP, GO & SHOOP! . Every mother expecting her first child has had a mistaken layette setback in the past: she bought too much, too little or too small or too big! (e.g. clothes for start) . 1. Describe your case, share our post in the report and win a voucher for up to PLN 500 in our Store! 2. Tag @moi_mili @owies.i.len 3. Invite 3 friends! The coolest stories will be awarded by the Moi Mili's jury. Very experienced in mishaps :-) REGULATIONS AWARDS 1st place - a shopping voucher worth PLN 500 #konkurs #wyprawka #kids #baby #rodzew2022 #mamabyc #momtobe #maluszki #synek #rodzice