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Moi Mili

Ten years ago, in a home full of love and good vibes, Klaudia Wcisło designed her first original handmade decorations and gifts for kids.


Back then nobody knew, that passion cultivated in the privacy of home, will become a way of life, so much appreciated by hundreds of interior freaks.

Moi Mili Intrerior


Today Moi Mili is a dot over the “i” to the most designer interiors, turning every place into a uniquely nice place, by emphasising the good taste.


Our community is over 44k IG followers.

We can boast of a large number of valuable influencers who follow and promote the Moi Mili brand, in places such as California, France, Spain, UK, South-east Asia & Australia. Our Tipi was ordered by the very famous Khloé Kardashian :) 

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We were Covered in Molly Mag and Weranda Country.


We were invited to popular breakfast programs on TVN and Polish Television.

Moi Mili in television


All the Moi Mili products were designed by Klaudia Wcisło, the brand owner, who loves to enliven and decorate the interior so that it gives a sense of security and uniqueness.

Moi Mili Klaudia Wcisło


Creativity and the hunger to introduce new beautiful things result in new projects that are very original and nice to associate. The universal nature of the nice accessories makes them perfect for any space.

Moi Mili Creative Interior


Moi Mili is a premium lifestyle brand, offering top quality lines of teepee tents for kids with floor mats as well as distinctive luxury pillows, decorations and accessories, crafted with genuine concern for the right mood at home.

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Original Moi Mili products are available in many stationary boutiques and concept stores, as well as online stores almost all over the Europe.

You will find us in Great Britain, Ireland, the Netherlands, they are used in France, Spain and Portugal, also in Germany, in the Scandinavian and Baltic countries - in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Norway, Finland, Estonia and Lithuania. Look for us in Italy, Italy and Malta. We are also in Hungary and Romania.

Moi Mili Netherlands


Outside Europe we ship our products to the United States, but also our pillows and nice tents won the hearts of the inhabitants of the Middle East, Asia and Oceania. Our products can be purchased in the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Israel, as well as in Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines and Australia.

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Sustainable living

Moi Mili is a family company created at home.

Moi Mili Family business

There is no big capital behind us, but a great heart.

All Moi Mili products are made locally, in small sewing rooms and in cooperation with the best artisan seamstresses and crafters in Poland.

 Moi Mili Sewing


We have valuable, long-term contacts and good relations with our partners - thanks to this, we can watch over the quality of the product and keep a good working atmosphere.

Moi Mili small pillows


We create in the spirit of ZERO WASTE, garlands, dream catchers, small pendants and pillows are made from scraps.

We sew and create nice products only from the best OEKO-TEX and GOTS certified materials. The products are made in accordance with CE standards. We have always used paper and cotton ribbons for packaging.

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 Moi Mili Manufactured in Poland