Indian Vibe

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess who… Boooooring! Mom, we want adventures, action, and long journeys! 

There’s no real childhood without playing Indians. What's more exciting for young thrill-seekers than dressing up as red-skinned warriors and fearless cowboys? The new Moi Mili collection will transform your child's room into a real Indian Village! The Indian Vibes are all a Great Leader could wish for his valiant tribe. Teepee equipped with comfortable mats and pillows, inevitable during long meetings - or a regenerating nap - is the basis of the Wild West decor. Our original garlands, shell and leaf cushions in matching colors will be the cherry on top, emphasizing the unique atmosphere.

All items are adorned with a print created by the illustrator Aleksandra Birc. Simple geometry and characteristic colors evoke the retro feeling of ‘old’ America, which inspired us to create the collection. Indian Vibe is our image of tribal dances, endless hunts, feasts by the fire ... and a sigh of longing for the closeness of nature that we love so much.

With Indian Vibe in your home, the entire family will gain even more priceless moments in nature. After all, hiking trips in the forest does not have to end at your doorstep! Little warriors will certainly feel the vibe of the distant land and, with their heads resting on comfortable pillows, will beg you for yet another Indian story :-)