• “Caramel” Linen Ginkgo Leaf Mat - Moi Mili
  • “Caramel” Linen Ginkgo Leaf Mat - Moi Mili
  • “Caramel” Linen Ginkgo Leaf Mat - Moi Mili

“Caramel” Linen Ginkgo Leaf Mat

  • €95.00

Need a rest? Your perfect place for it is natural, healthy, in the garden under a beautiful tree!
A comfortable mat is a part of every adventurer’s inventory; it is also useful during long meetings in tepees, and comes in handy as a boat when crossing rivers :-)

The leaf mat works as a great comfortable rug in a toddler’s room and can serve as an addition to a tent or canopy, or as wall decoration. It can also be used in the garden or at a picnic. And the best thing is to roll on it and play with toys from an early age! :-)

Inspired by the surrounding nature and the beautiful shape of ginkgo leaves, we created our new, elegant Ginkgo Biloba collection. Ginkgo biloba is a symbol of life, vitality and resilience!
Our collection also features cushions and garlands.

The mat is made of high quality linen and cotton fabric. It adds a touch of fantasy, cosiness and unique charm to any interior. Honey, yellow and rusty tones are the natural colours of ginkgo leaves in the fall.

Durable, double-sided, filled with thick insulation lining.

Fabric: 100% cotton and 100% linen both OEKO-TEX® certified.

Washing temperature: up to 30°C.

Size: 110x120 cm, thickness: 3 cm.